Neighbors Mutual Aid Program


Neighbors Helping Neighbors is a mutual aid program that brings together partners and volunteers in an effort to provide solutions and support to those in need.  Screened volunteers will be matched with a medically fragile and/or homebound individual to deliver essential groceries and/or products to their doorstep.  Our top priority is the safety of our communities.  As a result, this program remains in full compliance with local/state/federal officials in regard to social distancing.


Potential recipients will fit within the following parameters:

  • 62 years-old and up whom are homebound
  • Medically Fragile


Suggested essential items to be purchased include:

• Canned beans, soups and pasta sauce

• Milk

• Dairy products such as butter and cheese

• Bread

• Rice and pasta

• Eggs

• Meat products such as: sausage, bacon and cooked meat

• Vegetables such as: potatoes, carrots and onions

• Fresh meat such as: chicken or beef

• Toilet tissue

• Disinfectant spray or wipes

• Toothbrush /Toothpaste


For more information, please contact Kiandre Stevens at