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EFSP Phase Application

Requesting Agency Information

Agency Contact Information

Proposal Information

*For Food: Estimate a number of meals per grocery order or voucher if not served directly [for example: a grocery voucher to feed a family of four for three days would be estimated as 36 meals (4 persons x 3 days x 3 meals daily = 36 meals).  Only food items (i.e., meats, produce, dairy, canned and/or dry goods, etc.) may be documented on receipts.  Non-food items are not acceptable and will not be allowed (i.e., paper goods, cleaning products, toiletries, alcohol or tobacco products, etc.).

Submit with this application (1). A one-year history of documented, supportive evidence of your organization’s efforts at providing assistance with food, shelter, etc., as may be covered by this program.  (2). Agency’s most recent annual audit and total operating budget.   (3). Provide a roster of your agency’s volunteer Board of Directors.